Friday, January 23, 2009

Boxee HDTV for the internet masses

This week I got turned on to the future of streaming television. Boxee is the first significant HDTV technology I've seen to successfully bridge the television gap to the Internet. It is currently an open source application that is in alpha. What you will first notice when Boxee is downloaded is that takes just minutes to get the product up and running. Boxee is able to quickly stream a terrific picture to your HDTV. A whole host of quality providers like Netflix, Next New Networks, Hulu are connect to Boxee pipe. Boxee will make you want to disconnect your cable and satellite TV if you don't watch broadcast television that often. For the TIVO box junkies this technology is minutes away from being adapted into other time-shifting/recording products. If you want to stream TV shows from the web, Netflix on to your home theater screen Boxee has figured it out.

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