Saturday, November 22, 2008

Broadcasting a True Global Perspective

Another rapidly growing form of Transmedia is internet television. One successful example is Current TV. It is an Emmy award winning independent media company led by former Vice President Al Gore and entrepreneur Joel Hyatt. 

There is also another terrific example -- Link TV.  1 out of 4 American homes have Link TV because of DIRECTTV and DISH. It is a non-commercial American satellite television network that provides "diverse perspectives on world and national issues." Their internet presence is what I am most impressed with. They have a vast array of international films, documentaries, news programing and world music videos. Link TV is giving voice to communities that are underrepresented in conventional media. 

Don't believe there is a problem with conventional media? 

Watch what Robert Kennedy Jr. says about that. By the way, Link TV's funding comes exclusively from viewers and foundations not from satellite providers. 

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The New World of Animation

Artist around the world are mixing storytelling, animation, music and live action. The results are stunning. There is a new mode of storytelling forming in our midst. The Narrative now needs to have impact, be direct and have meaning. The exception of course is Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

Jonas Odell is a Swedish music video and film director and founder of FilmTecknarna. He has directed a number of short films, music videos and commercials. At the Berlin Film Festival 2006 his short film "Never like the first time!" was awarded the Golden Bear for Best Short. The image above is from Odell remarkable music video for UK band The Hours for their song "Ali In The Jungle" go here to see it.

Monday, October 6, 2008

The New Highway for Storytelling

My friend Jesse Alexander just put out a new post on his blog Global Couch. It is a must read. He describes the state of Transmedia storytelling. He knows what he is talking about. Jesse is the Co-Executive Producer of Heroes. This NBC show is changing television. They've figured out a way to dynamically engage viewers thus creating the model for engagement television. Heroes's approach is getting noticed by it's Peers (they just won a Emmy for Outstanding Interactive Media Programming) and by Academia (hear Jesse deliver a talk at MIT with the respected Henry Jenkins.)

Convergence culture is pushing media companies to expand beyond their core businesses. They are beginning to spend money to drive content online, to devices and new platforms. Traditional entertainment is imploding. "Creators" you NOW need to rethink EVERYTHING.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Indy Mogul on Next New Networks

The DIY culture for filmmakers is in full display at This show helps low budget Soderbergh's enhance their storytelling voices. In this episode IM shows you how to make your own dolly, skateboard wheels and all. Notice the terrific integration of their ad sponsor T-Mobile into the program.

IM is distributed and paid for by the brilliant people at Next New Networks. NNN is a micro-television network that knows how to connect diverse communities to their niche specific shows. The shows invites viewers to contribute, share and distribute content. This amazing Company has had as many as 33 million video views in 1 month across it's 16 micro-networks. They expect to expand to 30 shows by the end of the year. NNN is a Transmedia force and the future of hybrid entertainment.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kubrick's Boxes

If you have any interest in Stanley Kubrick I would suggest watching this. It is a remarkable documentary called "Stanley Kubrick’s Boxes." In this documentary Jon Ronson is invited to the Kubrick estate to go through his collections of boxes. It is very insightful. You begin to understand Kubrick's obsession with perfection.

The contents of the boxes are extremely varied and all over the place, from photos to fan letters, and show what a detailed and intelligent man he really was. His nephew Manuel Harlan took tens of thousands of photos of doorways, estate gates, costume shops, anything that would inform his choices on set. Harlin did those for most of his movies. In the film there is a discussion around trying to find the perfect hat for the Droogies to wear in A Clockwork Orange.

This is the kind of terrific documentary that would just drift to the back shelf of your video store. Because companies like Google have a transmedia understanding a documentary like this can reside on the internet forever. I don’t know how long the video will stay up, so watch it ASAP.

SLR as a Video Camera? Why not...

Vincent Laforet with Canon support shot a short film REVERIE with a SLR!!! It feels like a lightweight fashion spot but when you see the video you will not believe it. Canon EOS 5D Mark II digital SLR was used. Canon allowed him to borrow the unit for 72 hours. Here is the raw footage (downsized to 1/4 resolution) the files used to create this video were not manipulated in any way. Hats off to Vincent for pulling this off in NYC. Check out the behind the scenes video too.

As I've been saying the cameras are now here. The "Art" needs to match the storytelling. As with all transmedia concepts the reality of technology is only valid if it can involve and prove satisfying to the viewer.

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Power of Lightweight HD Cameras

DigitalDolt presents: Claremont HD from adam kimmel on Vimeo.

In 1974 the entire nation watched Evel Knievel jump the Snake River. His stupidity and courage was the stuff of global headlines. In 2008 two lone skateboards take on a massive hill like Evel reincarnated. The power of this video is possible because of lightweight HD cameras. It is a simple reality, just two crazy kids in suits skating into oncoming traffic on a steep hill. It makes the Snake River look like a Cakewalk. (Jump in 2:00mins into the action)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

VBS Television

Ah Children,
Seek and you shall find. All that is good and fun on the web can be found in the stories produced by my dear friends at VBS. VBS is an online broadcast network that carries a mix of domestic and international news, pop and underground culture coverage, and music from all over the place.

Founded by the creators of Vice magazine, alongside creative director Spike Jonze, VBS.TV is an incredibly bright broadband internet television site from the makers of Vice magazine. Their coverage is candid and raw, whether it is sneaking into North Korea or Darfur to interview Mini Minawi of the Sudan Liberation Army or hanging with Surfers at the Red Bull Riders Cup.

Launched in March of 2007 as a free, advertising-supported video network, VBS.TV is updated with 20-30 minutes of original content a day, with more than 30 original series in regular production. VBS.TV content has been featured in MTV International's Best of VBS.TV series. “Heavy Metal in Baghdad” is a feature documentary film was produced from this amazing collective. It premiered at Toronto Film Festival. You won’t want to miss one episode.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Gregg Gillis aka GirlTalk

A perfect example of the Digital Dolt manifesto can be heard in the music of GirlTalk. He melds melodies like a conductor conducts music. Gillis flawless transitions never need to utilize abrupt screeching scratches of hip hop. Instead Gillis blends mash ups like a maestro. His music is the sticky stuff that makes up new media. Is he Digital Pirate or a new breed of Digital Artist? See what the NYT says about him.

Billy Collins Animated

“The Country” is a short animated film based on a poem by former U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins. Brady Baltezore's film is a wonderful example of how poetry, animation and video can come together to create something original. Take a look

Friday, August 22, 2008

Mad World by Gary Jules and Mike Andrews

This beauty was directed by Michel Gondry it features a rooftop perspective of a bunch of kids making shapes on the ground below. As is the usual for Michel, the idea is extremely simple and lo-fi but is totally effective and beautiful when you see it. I love the boat on the water, when you squint your eyes it looks so rad.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A New Filmic Language

Photojournalist Ziv Koren is a remarkable photographer that combines still photographs and video. Essentially by fusing the Digital camera and lightweight video technology + capture systems Koren has created a new photographic language.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Helvetica the Movie?

Design continues to change the landscape of media, culture and architecture. As the access to design tools become affordable new media concepts are radically changing the way we view our world.

This insane movie is centered around industrial design, and the people who’ve made a huge difference in the field. It focuses on designers and their motivations around the objects they create. What is wonderful about the film is how much we can learn about ourselves by the things we surround ourselves with. Designers in the film include:

Hella Jongerius, Marc Newson, Fiona Raby, Dieter Rams, Karim Rashid, Paola Antonelli, Chris Bangle, Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Andrew Blauvelt, Anthony Dunne, Naoto Fukasawa, IDEO, Jonathan Ive, Alice Rawsthorn, Rob Walker and others.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Can't Hide

Once again YouTube generated content has presented a political truth that the major networks seem frighten to expose. Truthful reporting will come from citizen journalist until major corporations find a way to put up a toll booth on the internet super highway.