Thursday, October 2, 2008

Indy Mogul on Next New Networks

The DIY culture for filmmakers is in full display at This show helps low budget Soderbergh's enhance their storytelling voices. In this episode IM shows you how to make your own dolly, skateboard wheels and all. Notice the terrific integration of their ad sponsor T-Mobile into the program.

IM is distributed and paid for by the brilliant people at Next New Networks. NNN is a micro-television network that knows how to connect diverse communities to their niche specific shows. The shows invites viewers to contribute, share and distribute content. This amazing Company has had as many as 33 million video views in 1 month across it's 16 micro-networks. They expect to expand to 30 shows by the end of the year. NNN is a Transmedia force and the future of hybrid entertainment.

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