Tuesday, September 9, 2008

VBS Television

Ah Children,
Seek and you shall find. All that is good and fun on the web can be found in the stories produced by my dear friends at VBS. VBS is an online broadcast network that carries a mix of domestic and international news, pop and underground culture coverage, and music from all over the place.

Founded by the creators of Vice magazine, alongside creative director Spike Jonze, VBS.TV is an incredibly bright broadband internet television site from the makers of Vice magazine. Their coverage is candid and raw, whether it is sneaking into North Korea or Darfur to interview Mini Minawi of the Sudan Liberation Army or hanging with Surfers at the Red Bull Riders Cup.

Launched in March of 2007 as a free, advertising-supported video network, VBS.TV is updated with 20-30 minutes of original content a day, with more than 30 original series in regular production. VBS.TV content has been featured in MTV International's Best of VBS.TV series. “Heavy Metal in Baghdad” is a feature documentary film was produced from this amazing collective. It premiered at Toronto Film Festival. You won’t want to miss one episode.

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