Sunday, February 7, 2010

The World Of Zia

Painful but true. I've not been on for months my dear friends. Life, work, the holidays pushed me back from my appointed duties.

However I am coming back with a vengeance. This blog entry is focused on my dear friend Zia Mohajerjasbi. Winner of the prestigious Genius Award from Seattle's supreme alt newspaper The Stranger. Heady praise for a young man 24 years old. Mohajerjasbi is redefining not only filmmaking in Seattle, but the entire production ethos of indie film in this city.

Zia and I joke constantly about craft service. On my sets I insist that we have meal breaks + coffee and wholesome snacks. Zia tells me that he never promises food. He tells his crews they will be leaner working with him, because they'll be living off their body fat. Zia's images speak for themselves. Lean and mean is how he shoots and it all shows up on the screen. Mr. Mohajerjasbi made this blog because he is the future of transmedia. An Artist that uses all forms of media from YouTube to Facebook to Vimeo to get his work and message out. He even posts on his current projects on his website Love & Shoe Strings where you will find Behind-the-Scene-How-To-Videos of his erecter set camera set up.

I am constantly in awe of his results. I believe you will be too.

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